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Shirley Harvey, Author and Artist

“Sarah is fun, smart, supportive and to the point. I made huge shifts and had ah-has in each session. I started to really value my time and my creative process for the first time ever. I’m so much more comfortable having conversations about money. I set my intentions about finding an agent and was approached by an agent who is interested and I’m now in negotiations with!

I came away with a simple checklist of things to do each week, all of which have added value to me and my offerings. I also booked my first 2 paid mentoring clients. Sarah does what it says on the tin. You got me believing in my dream again and now I’m making it happen.”

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Hannah Materne, Eco Fashion Designer and Coach, Australia

“When you work with Sarah you are gaining confidence, motivation and certainty in your vision and purpose. Sarah's seamless way of coaching enabled me to get clear as to what I want to create as a coach and the whole experience was incredibly supportive and transformational. My time with Sarah really was priceless! I will always be grateful for the newfound confidence I gained, which has allowed me to step forward as a coach, put old fears to the side connect with great clients. I cannot thank or recommend Sarah enough, she has a true gift!”

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Brooke Cleave, Digital Agency Director and Coach, UK

“I don't think I've ever gained so much in such a short amount of time as I did during my sessions with Sarah. Being a typical Brit, I've been brought up with a cynical, self-deprecating mindset which has held me back from putting myself out there and gaining confidence about my ability.

Sarah helped me to break through the negative mindset, stop comparing myself to others and realise that I'm capable of being respected and appreciated by my audience by being true to who I am.”


Daisy O’Bryan, Intentional Branding & Creative Consultant, New York

“Sarah helped me get crystal clear on my vision and helped my business idea come to life. I knew what I loved to do but I was clueless on how to generate an income from my passions. Sarah was able to identify my strengths and help me come up with a business strategy from there.

She taught me the importance of mindset, and helped me TRANSFORM mine. While working with Sarah I developed and launched my own business, and booked two of my dream clients! Sarah helped me become financially and emotionally free. Working with her has truly been life changing. Thank you so much Sarah!”


Ieva Nalini, Shamanic Life Coach, Montreal

“Sarah is a rare diamond. I loved working with her because, not only does she know the techniques and strategies to make you more successful in business, but she also goes deep into your conditioning and belief systems to explore what is holding you back.

She helped me so much to align with abundance and pushed me to do things I procrastinated on for a loooong time! Which turned into obvious results in the first week of work. I’m amazed, thankful and grateful to have found you.”

Megan Parker Quinn, Author and Healer

“The time that I worked with Sarah was incredible.  Her 1-1 sessions, her weekly videos, and journaling prompts helped me identify by blocks almost immediately and it was easier than I thought to work through them. Anything Sarah suggested, I tried and it fucking worked. If you use the word 'abundance', and are a creative, Sarah is your girl.”


Anastasia Gerali, Fashion Designer and Coach

I love Sarah's honesty. It was her vulnerability that attracted me to her when I first started working with her. She is raw and no BS. She made me feel less alone with her weekly lives, during a time that I was struggling. The mindset shift I achieved with her was mainly around my money stories, but that shift trickled into other parts of my personal life and work as a creative business owner too. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking to be part of a community and network with a caring mentor, leading inspiring change and shifting how you think.


Helen Zuman, Author

When I started working with Sarah, I was (temporarily) in a puddle on the sidewalk: I’d embarked on a journey toward healing my relationship with money, and generating abundance (financial and otherwise) through sharing my gifts, but hadn’t yet created patterns for doing so in a steady way.

Since then, I’ve committed to absorbing all the trainings, journaling for ten minutes each morning in support of my more beautiful future, and regularly asking Sarah questions. The results? I’ve made over $9,000 (via an intensive, seasonal editing gig) in each of the past two months, which is way more than I’ve ever made in that amount of time before.

I’ve created the opportunity to write a monthly column in a local newspaper (writing a column has long been a dream of mine).

I’ve quit social media and regained full use of my brain. I’ve learned how to get more done in a day, while being kinder to myself.

And I’ve gained access to a whole new realm of exploratory curiosity about how money and I can join forces to bring joy and work magic in my own and others’ lives. Thank you, Sarah!

Kristie Michelle Lammi, Coach & Mentor

Sarah helped me to shift some serious blocks I had about taking action and getting out there to share my message. She zoomed in and was able to shed light on the limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors holding me back immediately, and helped me eliminate them in order to gain more clarity and confidence. Since working with her, I've been able to lean into my creativity and take more action towards achieving my goals. If you need help identifying what's keeping you stuck and you're ready to start experiencing the success, freedom, and fun you desire, I'd highly recommend working with Sarah!