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A package of trainings to MASSIVELY uplevel your ability to earn money doing what you love!

Earning money doesn’t need to be hard, boring or go against your values.

You can get creative and make whatever amount of money you desire doing whatever the hell you like… when you release your stories of limitation, your fears and your comfort zone and you REFOCUS with consistency!

This package is for badass creative entrepreneurs looking to transform their relationship with money!


7 Incredible trainings and workshops to take your money mindset game to a new level.

Watch, learn APPLY and celebrate the shifts and results that start to show up in your relationship with money!


Money Mindset 101: what you need to be focusing on with consistency to grow your income in fulfilling, aligned and FUN ways!



Training 1: What do you need to stop doing to start getting paid more for the work you love to do?

Training 2: Money and what you believe is possible.

Training 3: Fuck the Fear and put your prices up!



A 90 minute workshop to share real world strategies to take your relationship with money to the next level and create more cash flow (for creative-brained peeps!) With Sarah Mac and Money and Soul Coach Freya Savage.

  • Money Mindset 101

  • Why financial organisation is self love

  • Why it’s important you have all you need and desire

  • It’s all about habits, consistency and getting support

  • How to focus on what you desire & change the narrative

  • How to overcome your fear and create transformation in your bank account

  • How to leverage financial discomfort

  • How to bring a new level of consciousness to your relationship with money

  • How to maintain a growing cash flow in a way that feels fun and manageable

  • Money mindset work that's a non-negotiable for feel-good cash flow growth

  • How to reduce cash leakages

  • How to spend less time organising & less time doing shit that doesn’t serve you

  • How to stay on top of where your money currently is and where its going

  • How to make sure your money actually supports the way you want to live

  • PLUS What you actually need to know about investing



Emotional Freedom Tapping Workshop

With Sarah Mac and SHaman/EFT Practitioner Thalita Angelika

Create the freedom you crave by charging your worth and creating more TIME and SPACE to be a badass at what you do!

Tap out your deep rooted fears of asking for money and STOP RESISTING receiving the money you are worth. When you release the primal fear of asking for money, you find it easy to put your prices up and ask for the money that would make your work so much more fun!



A workshop to create freedom and flow in your schedule so you can live the life that works for YOU.



A workshop you shift your perspective on what’s possible for you in your money and career. Learn how to shift your inner resistance and tap into your CREATIVE POWER to create feel-good solutions in your financial life -  with Sarah Mac and energy healer Suki Eleuterio.



Learn about the deeper forces at work in your relationship with money so you can take control over the way they affect your life.

Over 9 hours of completely invaluable training that I have used and my clients have used to double our incomes over and over!!

Available for a limited time!!


Pay in Full: $333

Or 2 monthly payments of $177

*First 5 sign ups get a BONUS 1 on 1 Creative Career Strategy Session with me!

Regular Price:

Pay in Full: $333

Or 2 monthly payments of $177