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Deep winter is a time to rekindle connection to your innermost truth & desires.
This workshop provides a magical space to birth a vision of the life you’re being called to this coming year.

Under the guidance of 4 special and mystical women, you’ll call in a clear vision of your dreams. You’ll clear and release the stories and emotional patterns standing in your path, flipping them to beliefs that smooth the way. You’ll declare and embody your vision. You’ll step out into a year where magical manifestation truly unfolds in your life!

Combining shamanic ceremony, mindset coaching, chakra-focused yoga and sound meditation, this is a fully immersive and powerful ritual that will leave you feeling clear and fully charged for the year ahead. It’s self-care time!

All your needs will be provided for in a beautiful studio space with cosy dining room.

*Limited spaces available and filling up fast!

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9.30am - Opening Circle - Call In Your Vision (Ieva Nalini)

10am - Birthing Through Breath & Movement (Amy Soucy)

11.30am - Catch the Vision & Renew Your Focus, Mindset Workshop (Sarah Mac)

1pm Vegan Lunch Provided

2pm - Expanding Consciousness & Intuition through Sound Meditation (Abigail Fischer)

3:30pm - Surrender to and Manifest Your Vision (Ieva Nalini)

5pm - End

$150 USD


Sarah Mac (UK)

is a writer, mindset coach, performer & video artist who works with creatives, coaches and healers to make more money, freedom and fun in life and business.


Abigail Fischer (NYC)

is a classically trained cellist, singer and sound meditation practitioner who welcomes you to experience the divine vibrations of the universe, creating space to expand consciousness.

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Ieva Nalini (Lithuania)

is a spiritual life & health coach, healer and artist that bridges modern and ancient worlds and wisdom and helps people to step into their Highest Potential as well as create more Miracles in their life.


Amy Soucy (NYC)

is a yoga, movement and meditation instructor, singer-songwriter, and devout student of the mind-­body connection, committed to offering accessible and transformative experiences to curious students of all ages.