Love Your Life Now


30 days of accountability for creative play everyday

A group coaching program for multi-passionate creatives to grow your superpower – your creativity! It’s a muscle you gotta tend to. What happens when it’s strong….? Life gets a whole lot more exciting!

It starts and ends with…. FUN!


Because when you create…

  • You open up to inspiration and new thinking

  • You stay in the moment

  • You shift into a state of flow

  • You get out of your head and into your body

  • You spread good vibes and inspiration

  • You love your life

  • You show up as your most awesome self

  • Your relationships improve

  • You create beauty

  • You uplift others

  • You have FUN

  • It lifts your mood

  • You feel your power to create something from nothing

  • You release stress

  • You uplift yourself & raise your vibration

  • You become available for solutions

  • You become a magnet for good things

  •  You attract more money, love and opportunity

  • You drop the heavy stories

  • You release pent up emotions

  • You heal old emotional wounds


When you commit to your creativity, you ditch the bullshit stories about why you can’t have what you desire….

…You unplug from the excuses and the worry and the complaining…

… You discover that you have the power to love your life and to tap into your potential NOW… TODAY!

You become SUPER ATTRACTIVE to opportunity, love, money, friendship and all the good things in life!

Creative Fun Club is designed to:

  • Create a daily creative habit (even 5-10 minutes a day makes al the difference!)

  • Rewire your brain to stop procrastinating on your passion projects

  • Get over resistance and ‘I’m not good enough’ stories

  • Break the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse

  • It’s an invitation to commit to and honor yourself

  • To build your self-worth and confidence

  • To forgive yourself (for waiting so long to commit!)

  • To discover what’s ready to be expressed through you

  • Apreciate the value you possess as a creative human being!

  • To uplift your mood

  • To claim a new state of being (a feel-good inspirational one)

  • To practice self-care and giving to yourself in a fun way

  • To increasing your ability to receive pleasure and joy

  • Open you up energetically to receive more good from the world around you

  • Deeply appreciate the value you possess as a creative human being!

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To create a new habit of spending at least 5-10 minutes a day creating

(whatever excites you… writing, painting, drawing, gardening, cooking, singing, dancing, moving, playing, crafting, making, exploring…)

You can use it to dedicate your attention to one specific project you want to get moving on -

…or simply to getting the creative juices flowing

The intention of this practice is to ENJOY YOURSELF

It’s for you and only you



We start Saturday December 15th


1 on 1 Coaching Upgrade

To dig deeper and make massive mindset shifts around your creativity and ability to LOVE your life!

You get:

  • 4 x weekly 45-minute private coaching sessions with me

  • Voxer support throughout the program

  • Email and messenger support throughout the program



Imagine finally putting an end to all of that icky resistance built up from not taking action on those intuitive creative nudges.

How freeing would it feel to be in creative flow, to finally honor your inner guidance instead of ignoring it?

Imagine what your life would look like with all of those anxieties, self-doubt and depressive tendencies to be replaced with excitement, fun and satisfaction.

How good would it feel to be a witness to your very own creations every single day?

Imagine how exited you’d be to keep going, to reach out into the world and share your ideas.

Imagine the ideas and inspiration that would flood in when you finally created the space for it to emerge?



I believe every human being is inherently creative.


We make babies. We make dinner. We have ideas, we take action, we create shifts and changes. It’s our nature. Nothing stays the same. We create, we produce, we shape.

The more consciousness we bring to our creative power – the more beautiful it gets.

The more time we dedicate to nurturing our skill, the more satisfying it becomes.

Creative Fun Club


My Story

I’m Sarah Mac, a writer, mindset coach for creatives, rapper and video artist.


Originally from the UK, now based in Montreal, I’m the founder of a copywriting agency (Juicy Copy) and a coaching Business (With Sarah Mac), I’ve lived the digital nomad life in 14 different countries in the past 4 years.

I support multi-passionate creatives to make more money doing work they’re passionate about and to build careers that feel fulfilling and free.

I write, record and perform hip hop, I sing, dance, hula hoop and make videos. I pretty much do whatever the hell I want and it feels amazing! Oh I also healed myself from 5 years of chronic fatigue and depression (by committing seriously to living the creative life my soul was calling me to).

My specialty is helping clients to identify and release where they’re blocking themselves from experiencing what they want through the limiting stories they’re telling themselves.

I’ve helped clients:

·      To make the most money they’ve ever made

·      To develop a creative practice & momentum in their dream projects

·      To transform their relationship with money & self worth

·      To launch new businesses and win dream clients

·      To recommit to their dreams and find exciting new directions in their careers

·      To launch feel good marketing initiatives

·      To create a clear vision of a life that they deeply desire

·      To get unstuck and feel excited

·      To launch healing businesses

·      To create more freedom and fulfillment, and so much more!

Some the AWESOME women I´ve worked:

The time that I worked with Sarah was incredible. Her 1-1 sessions, her weekly videos, and journaling prompts helped me identify by blocks almost immediately and it was easier than I thought to work through them. Anything Sarah suggested, I tried and it fucking worked. If you use the word ‘abundance’, and are a creative, Sarah is your girl.
— Megan Parker Quinn, Author and Healer

Sarah is fun, smart, supportive and to the point. I made huge shifts and had ah-has in each session. I started to really value my time and my creative process for the first time ever. I’m so much more comfortable having conversations about money. I set my intentions about finding an agent and was approached by an agent who is interested and I’m now in negotiations with!

I came away with a simple checklist of things to do each week, all of which have added value to me and my offerings. I also booked my first 2 paid mentoring clients. Sarah does what it says on the tin. You got me believing in my dream again and now I’m making it happen.”

—Shirley Harvey, Author & Illustrator.

“I don't think I've ever gained so much in such a short amount of time as I did during my sessions with Sarah. Being a typical Brit, I've been brought up with a cynical, self-deprecating mindset which has held me back from putting myself out there and gaining confidence about my ability.

Sarah helped me to break through the negative mindset, stop comparing myself to others and realise that I'm capable of being respected and appreciated by my audience by being true to who I am.”

—Brooke Cleave, Digital Agency Director and Coach, UK


“When you work with Sarah you are gaining confidence, motivation and certainty in your vision and purpose. Sarah's seamless way of coaching enabled me to get clear as to what I want to create as a coach and the whole experience was incredibly supportive and transformational. My time with Sarah really was priceless! I will always be grateful for the newfound confidence I gained, which has allowed me to step forward as a coach, put old fears to the side connect with great clients. I cannot thank or recommend Sarah enough, she has a true gift!”

—Hannah Materne, Eco Fashion Designer and Coach, Australia