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Make Your Dreams Happen in 2019
Be the Creative Badass you were Born to Be

Are you done with feeling unfulfilled at work, with not enough time for play?
Are you ready to leave feeling tired and busy back in 2018?
Are you ready to stop letting confidence be the excuse to not follow through on what deeply matters to you?
Are you ready to make peace with the fear of what others will say when you go for it and decided to actually fully be yourself for once?
Are you ready to step into something new, exciting and more… you…?
Are you ready to fully start living life in a new career trajectory or taking a creative project to a new level?
Are you clear that the way it’s been simply isn’t going to cut it anymore and you want to start having a shedload more fun in life and business?

Are you ready for…

MORE RESULTS??????????????????

It’s time to stop letting fear rule your decision making and action taking.
It’s time for you start experiencing the fun that comes when you decide to be confident and take action on what matters most to you!


I´m Sarah Mac

and I help creative entrepreneurs to more than double their income, to get clear on what they actually want in life and to shift their career so more time is spent doing things that bring happiness.

Imagine finally getting past your conditioning to ignore your desires and settle for things that suck…
…like unfulfilling work,
…no time to play,
… putting all your energy into other people’s priorities,
… letting your big fun ideas slide down the to do list year after year…
Imagine making a decision without spiraling into worry and doubt for days before hand.
Imagine how much time you’d save if you simply followed through on those ideas, instead of making 50 lists about them and over-thinking them and w a i t i n g to follow through…!
Imagine how fun it would be when all the results start pouring in because you took loads of decisive action and launched that business or project, found some clients and collaborators… or finished that book or screenplay and actually sent it out to some people!

You know you’re ready to launch, to create, to write, to perform… whatever it is that’s calling you to ENJOY YOUR LIFE!!

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You know the answer to that question already…. in fact, you know the answer to most questions already.
It’s time to stop hiding from your desires and to SHOW UP and be a Creative Badass.
Creative Badasses:
Claim their full identity
Live fully expressed
Commit to their creative practice
Earn the money they desire
Create the relationships that make them happy
Follow their intuition like a mofo
Listen to their soul
Carve healthy and supportive boundaries
Listen to their emotions
Aren't afraid to go deep
Share real raw authenticity
Take a good honest and loving look at themselves and accept what they see
Celebrate their beauty
Own their weaknesses
Ask for support
Spread their message LOUD
They FEEL awesome
Take responsibility for their health
Nurture and care for themselves
Acknowledge how powerful they are
Gave up complaining
Are contributors not consumers
No More Excuses.
No More Hiding.


Creative Badass
 12-weeks to embody your creativity and love life at a new level

Embody the real you – not the scared, doubtful, worrying you.
Play and create and take risks with ease and confidence.
Step outside of your comfort zone in the security of knowing you’re a badass and if you fail it doesn’t freaking matter!
Take the action you’ve been procrastinating on that you know will bring you so much fulfillment.


Define and refine your mindset to one of strength, resilience, creativity, confidence and inspiration and trust.


Action taking becomes easy, you become braver and step out without caring what others have to say about you because you’re so focused on doing the stuff you LOVE!
You decide to earn more because you know your work is dope.
You say no to energy sucking activities without feeling guilty.
You nail your to-do list quickly without over thinking it or procrastinating.
You have more time to rest, play and adventure because you saved so much time NOT questioning yourself!
You say yes to wild and interesting opportunities (that you’re attracting way more of) with gratitude and excitement instead of self-doubt and talking yourself out of it.
You carve rock-solid boundaries that keep the time-wasters out so there’s more room for people who love you to pieces.
You put your priorities on the top of your to do list and actually follow through on them.
You start seeing the results of the things you desire show up in your life quickly and you build a momentum that’s really freaking fun!