For creatives & entrepreneurs who are ready to do their passion work & make more money the easy way (only doing things you love)!

Are you ready to phase out the work you only do for the money and ready to LOVE all your work … especially because you’re getting paid more than ever?

Are you ready to put an end to the emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty and self-doubt and feel ready to live calmly, with purpose and satisfaction on the daily?

Are you so over having money anxiety and feel ready for your financial life to feel clear, simple and fun?

Are you done with the time sucking, energy sucking, joy-sucking ways of making money and ready to feel great & really aligned in the way you create the money you desire for your fabulous life?

Are you ready to stop playing small and letting your fears run the show, and feel ready to start having so much more fun being YOU to the full in your work and life!?

Do you want to ditch feeling frustrated - like you’re not living out your full potential - and recognize it’s high time you started showing up and making the impact you’re capable of (and getting paid thousands of dollars for the incredible value you bring)?

Are you ready to drop the shyness, the stress and worry and start having fun playing with dream clients who feel like your best friends (and who are grateful for the opportunity to work with you and pay you the prices that light you up)?

The truth is you can be getting paid more… much more.

But maybe you’re simply not asking for it because you don’t believe you can actually receive it?

Maybe you’re scared to follow through on those game-changing, result-creating actions because of a juicy collection of subconscious fears that need to be surfaced, loved and released to make it easy to actually follow through this time.

Maybe you’re afraid of your success because of all the imaginary judgment, criticism, rejection and attack that your subconscious mind has lead you to believe will happen as a result.

Perhaps you’re avoiding the details that will make you rich and you’ve made it ok to fall into bad habits in your financial health that are undermining your emotional and physical wellbeing, relationships and every aspect of your life.

The good news is…. you’ve landed here today.

And you’re ready to get the help that will turn all of this around.

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This is 3 months of coaching support to transition to the work you’re MOST excited to do next & set you up to start receiving the money you deserve & desire for your precious time and energy.  

I’m sharing the exact process I used to double my income over and over again (and do the same for many of my clients) doing work that I love to pieces and that brings me all the creative freedom and fulfillment I’d been craving for so long…. earning 6-figures a year. Working WAY less than I used to when I was earning less.

… this program is designed to break through your resistance to earning great money being a creative badass in whatever way lights you up, while releasing all of your energetic toxicity and emotional hang ups around money, your value, your creativity and your career.

No more annoying, shitty, unfulfilling, time consuming jobs that drain you.

No more working with people who disrespect you and refuse to see your brilliance.

No more running out of money for the life experiences you deeply desire.  

No more making it hard, no more struggle, no more being tired all the time.

Now it’s your turn to CHOOSE the easy and fun way to make all the cash you desire (because it is a choice....). Magic happens when you DECIDE how it’s going to go for you now.  

In this world of unlimited possibilities, it’s never been easier to create what you actually desire.


Make Money the Fun Way Today

You get:

12 Weekly Modules to deliver the exact process - every powerful detail - that I have used to more than double my income and SO HAVE many of my clients too


Voxer (voice and text messaging) access to me Monday to Friday for feedback, support and strategy to keep momentum in making your financial and career goals your reality NOW not later

So… are you ready to stop wasting time on the stuff that you don’t love and create a deeper level of happiness and freedom - financially AND everywhere else in your life?

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When I started working with Sarah, I was (temporarily) in a puddle on the sidewalk: I’d embarked on a journey toward healing my relationship with money, and generating abundance (financial and otherwise) through sharing my gifts, but hadn’t yet created patterns for doing so in a steady way.

Since then, I’ve committed to absorbing all the trainings, journaling for ten minutes each morning in support of my more beautiful future, and regularly asking Sarah questions. The results? I’ve made over $9,000 (via an intensive, seasonal editing gig) in each of the past two months, which is way more than I’ve ever made in that amount of time before.

I’ve created the opportunity to write a monthly column in a local newspaper (writing a column has long been a dream of mine). And I’ve gained access to a whole new realm of exploratory curiosity about how money and I can join forces to bring joy and work magic in my own and others’ lives. Thank you, Sarah!
— Helen Zuman, Author

I did it. I went from earning $20 an hour to more than $20k+ in one month. Oh and the $20k+ was way easier and more fun to make than the hours I put in at $20 an hour.

Many, many others are now earning the money they desire doing work that’s aligned and feels amazing and is making them super rich. Of course, there are also many who are still stuck in the struggle, working hard and grinding away at not-their-dream-job for an increasingly unsatisfying paycheck.

The choice is yours.

You get to change.

It’s really actually pretty simple, once we get out of our own way.

You get to say yes to the support it takes to make the shift.

Or you can keep on trying to do it your way and hoping it’ll work out for you eventually.

Orrr you could start enjoying the easy fun results now instead of later or maybe never.

I’m going to share with you the exact strategy that made it possible for me to jump from earning $4-6k+ a month for a year to earning $20k+ in one month…. and no I’m not talking business models, online marketing, launch strategy, list-building, program design… not even copywriting and messaging (my other zone of genius).

I didn’t even have a working website and I haven’t paid for a single ad. There are less than 100 people on my list and my social following is small.

In fact, this strategy will work for you whatever industry or career vocation you’re in… because it’s all about the INNER GAME. And it’s all about tapping into your own inner resources and releasing the ways you’ve been resisting what you desire.

The truth is, you only need to work with a small number of people to hit your incomes goals when you decide to own your worth.

… When your MINDSET, your ENERGY and your ACTIONS are aligned… your vision can unfold with ease and fun.

My journey with money mindset has been unfolding over the last 4 years and I’ve finally uncovered all of the crucial pieces of the puzzle to actually make it easy to create the money I desire for the life of my dreams.

I’m talking:

§  Time, location and creative FREEDOM

§  Working with clients I LOVE to pieces and who respect me for who I am.

§  A life where I get to prioritize MY favorite things (like health, naps, yoga, travel, my fave people, a bazillion creative hobbies, my passion for making hip hop music videos….!)

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“The time that I worked with Sarah was incredible…

Her 1-1 sessions, her weekly videos, and journaling prompts helped me identify my blocks almost immediately and it was easier than I thought to work through them. Anything Sarah suggested, I tried and it fucking worked. If you use the word 'abundance', and are a creative, Sarah is your girl.”

—Megan Parker Quinn, Author and Healer

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You get to choose the most exciting way for you to work…. who you most love working with…. how you most enjoy connecting with them…. how many hours you work... what time of day you work... where you share your energy and how... what impact you most enjoy making…. and you have ALL the answers.

If you think you can’t have any of these things, it’s simply a story that you’ve resigned yourself to…

...You’re simply too busy swimming in your own bullshit (that you picked up from everyone else) to notice that it can actually be super easy if you let it be.

We’re all human, we all get scared… especially when we care deeply about something. But nothing worth doing is possible alone. And so many of us live under the false idea that we’re capable (or should be capable) of figuring things out on our own. This is a horrible myth that only ever leads to you being stuck.

When you’re ready to stop being SCARED and you’re ready to say YES to the support to move through that so you can get on with having more fun already….!!

When you decide you’ll no longer settle for work that drains you, suddenly opportunities for fulfilling and aligned work that’s awesome to you start to come into your awareness.

Don’t get me wrong - YOU have to show up, you have to make the ask, you have to stand firm in your boundaries and you have to say NO to anything that’s not doing it for you…. Which takes courage.

But if you’re ready for things to start going differently for you and you recognize that NOW is the only time worth considering...


Make Money the Fun Way Today

12 Weekly Modules to deliver the exact process - every powerful detail - that I have used to more than double my income and do the same for many of my clients too


Voxer (voice and text messaging) access to me Monday to Friday for feedback, support and strategy to keep momentum in making your financial and career goals your reality NOW not later

Week 1:

Let’s Get Your Money Story Straight: leverage the POWER of MINDSET work

Week 2:

Hit Your Money Goals: Launch Your Daily Financial Success Practice

Week 3:

Deep Emotional Purification: How to clear money anxiety, fear and doubt

Week 4:

Erase Your Unsupportive Family Money Stories

Week 5:

Confront Your Fear of Success and Flip that Bitch!

Week 6:

Identity Shift: Who Do You Need to Be to Make Money Doing What You LOVE?

Week 7:

PERMISSION to Create What You TRULY Desire

Week 8:

Succeed NOW Not Later: Tap your intuition and the power of FUN!

Week 9:

It’s Not About the Money: It’s About the LOVE (tangible strategies to love your life)

Week 10:

Confidence as a Practice

Week 11:

Productivity: Destroy Resistance and Create Momentum Flow

Week 12:

Build Creativity: Your Secret Superpower

It’s time to stop pushing in all the wrong directions and to ALIGN with what you were put on this earth to do… (it’s sooooo much easier!!)... and create some super fun and juicy wealth in all areas of life (especially your bank account!)

Ieva Photo (1).png

“Sarah is a rare diamond.

I loved working with her because, not only does she know the techniques and strategies to make you more successful in business, but she also goes deep into your conditioning and belief systems to explore what is holding you back.

She helped me so much to align with abundance and pushed me to do things I procrastinated on for a loooong time! Which turned into obvious results in the first week of work. I’m amazed, thankful and grateful to have found you.”

—Ieva Nalini, Shamanic Life Coach, Montreal

Stop wasting another day not getting paid what you’re worth for the work were born to do.


Make Money the Fun Way


These launch prices will NEVER be available again (this is insaneeee value for the transformation and healing that will completely change your life forever)!!

My story

Sarah in India 2.JPG

I’m Sarah Mac,

A writer and mindset coach for creative entrepreneurs who are transitioning to the passion work that makes them happy. I work with artists, coaches and healers who are ready for more money, freedom and fun in life and business. I’m also a song lyricist, a rapper, dancer and video artist. I firmly believe we can have it all.

Originally from the UK, now based in Montreal, I’m the founder of a copywriting agency (Juicy Copy) and a coaching Business (With Sarah Mac), I’ve lived and worked out of 15 different countries in the past 5 years. I write, record and perform and make music videos. I pretty much do whatever the hell I want and it feels amazing! Oh I also healed myself from 5 years of chronic fatigue and depression (by committing seriously to living the creative life my soul was calling me to)…

…My specialty is helping clients to identify and release where you’re blocking yourself from experiencing what you want through the limiting stories you’re telling yourself… allowing your true desires to unfold more easily than ever!

I’ve helped clients to make the most money they’ve ever made; to develop a committed creative practice and momentum in their dream projects; to transform their relationship with money; to launch new businesses and win dream clients; to recommit to passion projects and find exciting new directions and attract opportunities in their creative careers; to launch feel good marketing initiatives; to create clear visions of a life that they deeply desire; to get unstuck and feel excited; to launch a healing businesses; to create more freedom and fulfillment, and so much more!

I work with passionate creatives with big dreams who go ALL IN.

You know you’re capable of achieving all you desire.

You know nothing worth doing is possible alone and you’re ready to accept support to shift through your blind spots, sneaky unsupportive beliefs and moments of self-doubt.

You’re willing to work.

You’re willing to change.

You’re courageous and ready to take responsibility for the results you’re creating in your life.

Consider this your permission to show up and be the successful badass you’ve been pretending not to be all this time…

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“I love Sarah's honesty.

t was her vulnerability that attracted me to her when I first started working with her. She is raw and no BS. She made me feel less alone with her weekly lives, during a time that I was struggling. The mindset shift I achieved with her was mainly around my money stories, but that shift trickled into other parts of my personal life and work as a creative business owner too. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking to be part of a community and network with a caring mentor, leading inspiring change and shifting how you think.”

—Anastasia Gerali, Fashion Designer and Coach